Canada and my travels!

I was born and lived in  Canada in the town of Windsor , Ontario.  It was a small town, but it has all the elements that help it produce a good economy and most of the jobs that people rely on were from the Auto and car companies such as Ford.  My father worked in The States at General Motors; with a top level executive architectural estimating position, therefore we lived close  to the border.  My father  travel led back and forth each day and earn American dollars which translated nicely into a hefty bit more money in Canadian currency. 

I  started my singing career in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and will always hold it dear to my heart ev en though it was a rough beginning.  I started singing with my mother as my teacher.  She has a wonderful voice and often even in my later days if I did not have the technique; or not up to it in some way; I would have my mother sing from Messiah and get paid for me.  She of course, the good and kind mother sang for me and gave me the money.  

The University of Windsor, School of Music was something I encountered as a piano student at eight years old I would be off and taking my first piano exams for theory and playing piano.  I remember it was so cold that my piano instructor advised me to wear gloves the entire way on the bus to the exam so that my fingers would be in good shape for the exam..  As an eight year old this was pretty exciting as well as going to the States and entering a competition for piano and getting a First.  Lessons for singing began with my mother as we practiced staccato notes, and arpeggios.  Her familiarity with operatic repertoire was extensive as she studied with a Professor from The University of Michigan and iall her life had studies in Scotland.  Singing was easy for her and this was hard for me to bear.  She would just say do this and it was so easy for her.


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