3 Singing Truth Tips a Day by Patrice Rasmussen Soprano and Education Leader M.Ed.

Tip: 1 Singing Helpers.  Think of singing as if you were holding a platter in front of you.  The staccato notes you will sing in an ascending arpeggio will land on the platter which is outside in front of your singing mask!  The platters will align in front of you farther and farther  in front of you as you sing higher.  Remember think of the apple to keep your top jaw in front.

Truth Tip:  If you singing teacher does not practice singing each day then they do not sing well!

Singing Fact:  If your singing teacher doesn’t motivate you then don’t pay them each week.

Singing Tip:  Teach thyself! If your singing teacher doesn’t have a pleasant sound then either will you!!!! If your voice is prettier than your teacher’s then don’t expect them to help you.Help yourself by having a motivating singing coach with an excellent ear as you collaborate to coach you on to sing and sound bewtter and better each day.  Singing is essentially teaching yourself, however you do need good advice, sound pedagodgy and excellent ears!


~ by secretsinger2 on December 15, 2009.

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