High grades on the GRE!!

First you will need to make your list of words that you would like to be able to use in a versatile way.  It is imperative before you compare/contrast the words that you actually understand the precise meaning of each of the words. 

Therefore, put all your words into a cluster paragraph,   jUst list the words you would like to define in a row.  Such as:   ephemeral, analogou, nonplussed, misanthropy, self-effacement, edifice, prodigal, anomalous, deferential, assiduous, effusive, sycophant, engimatic, ironic, judiciou, officiou, circuitous, engenderedd, antagonist, artifice aggrandize, erudite, analogous, delineate, contempt, discomfited, bafflement, ephemeral, penury, transience, equivocate, yield, diffidence, chicanery, skullduggery, phlegmatic, haphazard, hone, broaden, pointed indignation, strong partisianship, detached, neutrality, spawn, indolence, impolite, nomadic, dogmatic, forgery, craven, inebrity, concessions, diplomacy, denounce, imperialistic, colonial, Confederacy, hegemony, treaties, disprove, barbarism, dissension, quantitative, venerate, editorial, equivocate, opulence, affluence, artifice, ubiquity, encumbent, arbitrary, disapprobation, indignant, disparage, banality, trite, effrontery, effrontery,


~ by secretsinger2 on December 16, 2009.

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