Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed. Motivational Life Coach Follow Here and I will show you!!!!

Motivational Christian blog that will walk with you through the day and help you to connect with God who is your creative source. Look up and inside!!! Follow my posts each day and I will help you set new goals and dreams based on God’s image of you and not your own.

"My first professional Oratorio gig"

I set my eyes on the goal and I attained it1!!! You can too!

“The Lord remembers us and will bless us; he will bless the people of Israel adn all the priests of God. He will bless everyone who honors him, the great and the small alike.”Psalm 115 from the Good News Bible
Finally, after receiving my M.Ed. I realized that I could achieve success and that God loved me. I am finally reaching all my dreams and continue to set new goals daily in order to reach a life of self-actualization as set forth by Maslow.

Similarly, I have learned that “Everything is possible with God,” and that we must yield to His strength and He will give us far more than we could find ourselves.

Moreover, trusting God isn’t easy……however, with continued effort and persistence you get better at listening to Him instead of the world. It is hard to hear the “still, small, voice,” but it is there. Jesus is there for you my friend. He is waiting to set you free from fear. Put your hands into His today my friend. You will never look back again. 816932

God bless,

Secretsinger2 (which stands for my secret desire of singing for the Lord and my second chance at happiness as I trust God instead of myself.)


~ by secretsinger2 on January 1, 2010.

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