Letter C for the Graduate Alphabet Book by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed.

The catalyst for my life change and my improvements has been the captious castigation and contempt in which my enemies(those that have hurt me by their jealousy.) These categorical catcalls have been like a catharsis of my soul as I sing to the Lord.  Their caustic comments have actually strengthen my backbone like a carapace in order to protect my soul. There may be some who cede to cavil, however this treatment that those bullies who appear as teachers and Christians, however they are known for their FRUIT.  Similarly, all the people that know them know the cistern of chronic comments and churlish envy and jealousy.  Cessation of their clamor and carnivorous complicity is only commensurate to their due comeuppance that God himself will compensate with conclusive conspiracy.  They conjure their own unhappiness as they are left with themselves and sadly their own self contempt.  This convoluted coterie will be crestfallen as the crabbed woman was seen for her pathetic insecurity as she cowers and cringes over her debilitated delusions.  Fortunately we must leave C as we clean off the corrosive crass insecurity and pathetic life.

Avoir..  Adieu, alas I will never look back at C as the unhappy poor corpulent and covetous woman is left to sit in her own bath of discontent.

I look up to the sky as Lord himself protects and defends the innocent.  Similarly, the Lord strengthens and gives the girl even more gifts and talents because of the torment of her jealous persecutors.[]  I forgive you all!!


~ by secretsinger2 on January 4, 2010.

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