The Argument


Quote "Every man of genius sees the world at a different angle from his fellows, and there is his tragedy." (Havelock,Ellis. The Dance of Life, 3.4 1923) The idea that each man views the world from an oblique position frees the creative intellect to fly in multifacted directions; however, there is no official permission until you are dead. Therefore, since we are all alive at this point, we must assume that very few are of the category ‘genius.’ Are you infatuated with tradition or do you walk the fine line on the perilous tightrope called ‘iconoclastic.’ Few perceive the nascent of genius and many are unable to recognize it until their friend points out that it is on "Oprah’s booklist;’ hence pursue innovation, find you ‘idee fixe’, flaunt your enigmatic traits that persist despite excessive punishment; however never give up the quest for the paradigm of perfection. Genius exists in the dichotomy of the marriage of the left and right brain. Creativity with analytic ability synthesizes an enigmatic and cryptic catalyst for social change. At first glance this argument from Ms. Rasmussen, appears to purport the idea of genius being something rather ‘intangible’ that is avails itself only with those that are mad. However, upon further analysis the message appears to exonerate the ‘mad’ to a lofty and arid island for only the chosen few who exemplify the right and left brain concontion. I am drawn to the Aristotle’s similar comparison with the view of madness and genius somehow being intertwined. "No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness." (Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) Problemata, 30.1) This unfortunately leaves us to wonder how many of our carbon copied friends are geniuses? However, the subject often encourages anxiety therefore Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861) states: "Since when was genius found respectable?" (Aurora Leigh, 6.275, 1857) further the borderline view of genius and it’s disagreement with conservative tradition is a life lived with many obstacles of whom I quote : "Every soul is potentially genius, if not arrested."(Ralph Waldo Emerson from his Journal,, 1861, undated). Therefore my argument for this concise essay is every soul may have the capacity to become a genius; however what is needed is to turn away from social convention, innovation and courage. To begin with the dichotomy between tradition and iconoclatic practice. The fervant practice of freedom of thought is the epitome of the Constitution, however how many soldiers of this practice are revered and encouraged by the local public school system. The first art of the teacher is to instruct the children to sit still and act like all the other children. This instantaneous insistence and repression of the child’s natural inclinations to crawl around the Kindergarten carpet are first instated in the public school system. Similarly, the first parent-teacher interview that leaves the parent distraught as the teacher reveals that their child refuses to write on the lines and colors pictures in black. Soon, we see the child smiling less often and then preferring to use a lead pencil with no color as to still assert their idea without the repression and constraint that are obvious with the disapproval of the rest of the class. The brightest children with the most ideas and innovations and who may be just the ones who may invent the cure for cancer are silenced in school. Instantly they are told to sit in their chair and not to interrupt as it is not their turn. How are we to increase innovation and use the power of our brains to their full extent when we have to take turns with the other 22 children in the class. How does the brain function as it first spins into gear racing freely as the ideas from the teacher are taught and then only to be told, "Sarah now we must give every child a chance to repeat that same multiplication pattern. are often ostracized and persecuted for walking in ways that traverse on the newly cut lawn that is unfortunately owned by the government. Similarly, we are skillful in teaching concepts and theories however, allowing those theories or concepts to be utilised and put into practice in the public school system isn’t going to happen. The comparison to the Conservatoires in France where Debussy studied also alludes to his rebellious or in my view poignant images realized with music was also not encouraged yet later applauded for his ‘genious.’ How are we to produce such free intellectual ideas that burgeon forth and free society of its limited view of reality. Isn’t there more than punching in our time card for life and learning to work at the same speed and pace as our neighbor. The analogy of the choir comes to mind as one is expected to sing the exact same way as the flute player who is sitting next to an ‘Opera singer." These are similar uncomfortable comparisions that go against the individual and what is best for them and what is best for the greater good or the government. Furthermore, the punishments that society hands out to those who are free thinkers is always hidden under the carpet and the majority rules effect stamps out any new young free mind that may question the teacher. Have you ever noticed how the teacher clings to the textbook. I often would let the children have the teacher texts and teach the class and step back as a guide and coach. The flashing neurons that are visible to the naked eye are profoundly shocking as we let go of the power and position and step aside for genius to be allowed to grow. Writing is the only subject in school where the child is actually allowed to go as far as one can imagine without restraint. Therefore the child should embrace writing as a vehicle for freedom of thought. Certainly if in the school system the child chooses to walk on the left side and not on the green lines that are on every single public school in Polk county then people may question what we are teaching their children. Thankfully there are those who have the courage to walk the zigzag line and to climb the slippery slope through the masses of people plagued and brainwashed by the government. The saddest scene is when the state owns you life through your work or paycheck and then you have to pretend and say "I love my job." Unfortunately, freedom of thought is rare, and innovation accompanies freedom of thought. Finally, the final ingredient needed to produce the world’s greatest inventors is experimentation and the willingness and the courage to try and to fail. Unfortunately failure isn’t something that is looked on as a learning experience but rather as a problem. Einstein would have never been able to create the lightbulb unless he was given 9999 chances to fail before he succeeded. How many schools allow a child even two chances for the FCAT let alone 9999. In closing, I affirm those parents and children who venture forth to question and even sue the schools for their lack of responsibility in individual educational goals. The school system is not catering to your child’s particular needs; it is catering for the average or the norm. If you have your child crying as their teacher dislikes their overly energetic spirit or inquisitiveness then perhaps you should read Alexander and Alexander Public school law. This will help you understand that there are many people who are dissatisfied with the public school education system and what I believe its pursuit of crushing the spirit of freedom of thought and innovation which is crucial for America to be in the lead concerning advancements in science and medicine in our global climate of competition that is required for our Nation to be the best it can be. Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed. Reflections from Public school My Research


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