Acting Technique

It wasn’t until I started reading the books that I found in London in used book stores.  This is such a great way to find interesting and novel items. Anyway, when I studied acting for one year or two semesters with Lionel Walsh at The University of Windsor in the academy of dramatic art.  I also was very blessed and studied with Laurie Seligman a visiting artist at the school of dramatic art at The University of Windsor.  This helped me understand what sub-text was and this is what I presently use  when I sing Rejoice Greatly from the Messiah. Walsh, he was a very talented acting teacher and taught us using the Uta Hagen method.  Wow…this is truly challenging to perform just three minutes or ten minutes of your life portraying the character of yourself!

I was truly blessed when I had private acting lessons from Laurie Seligman at The University of Windosr school of dramatic art.  He was a visiting artistist who worked with  us in muscial theatre workshops of which I had eight classes in musical theatre workshop.  It seems a lot now looking back on  it.


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