GRE study Guide: Alphabet Book by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed.

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The Letter D

Despair visits in many forms, however the worst is  a sensitive artistic soul mixed with an analytical intellect.  The innovative intellectual coupled with an artistic talent produces an antagonism from others that dilates and is often depicted as a demented derelict, however this derivative detraction desecrate  and despoil the despondent person.  Therefore, it is essential that the despairing soul dares to dream and uses all their determination to overcome the cerebral gifts demand the artistic demure and allow the intellect the time and diligence to disperse the disengage to allow the intellectual to reign almost as if to insist on a dichotomy of the mind while devise a plan to overcome and meet victory in the world.

Similarly, diffidence does not dilute the diffuse denizen that denigrate in derisive way.  Therefore, the intellectual needs to discount the discordant discourse and disapprobation and begin to disperse their discernible gifts.  Moreover, the dint and diligence of the intellect is the only resource to disengage the oppressor, however, the disingenuous disjointed detractor is not worth the time.

Finally, the disquietude dispels the dissonance and soon a ray of light shines through the cloud to disperse the darkness and demand attention for their intellectual achievements mixed with artistic brilliance.

In conclusion, the accuser is dissipated and dispersed across the land and is blown away by the wind never to see the face of God until their last dying days.

Aah, look in the distance…….”It is I and I have overcome the enemy!!!!!


Letter C for the Graduate Alphabet Book by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed.

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The catalyst for my life change and my improvements has been the captious castigation and contempt in which my enemies(those that have hurt me by their jealousy.) These categorical catcalls have been like a catharsis of my soul as I sing to the Lord.  Their caustic comments have actually strengthen my backbone like a carapace in order to protect my soul. There may be some who cede to cavil, however this treatment that those bullies who appear as teachers and Christians, however they are known for their FRUIT.  Similarly, all the people that know them know the cistern of chronic comments and churlish envy and jealousy.  Cessation of their clamor and carnivorous complicity is only commensurate to their due comeuppance that God himself will compensate with conclusive conspiracy.  They conjure their own unhappiness as they are left with themselves and sadly their own self contempt.  This convoluted coterie will be crestfallen as the crabbed woman was seen for her pathetic insecurity as she cowers and cringes over her debilitated delusions.  Fortunately we must leave C as we clean off the corrosive crass insecurity and pathetic life.

Avoir..  Adieu, alas I will never look back at C as the unhappy poor corpulent and covetous woman is left to sit in her own bath of discontent.

I look up to the sky as Lord himself protects and defends the innocent.  Similarly, the Lord strengthens and gives the girl even more gifts and talents because of the torment of her jealous persecutors.[]  I forgive you all!!

Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed. Motivational Life Coach Follow Here and I will show you!!!!

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Motivational Christian blog that will walk with you through the day and help you to connect with God who is your creative source. Look up and inside!!! Follow my posts each day and I will help you set new goals and dreams based on God’s image of you and not your own.

"My first professional Oratorio gig"

I set my eyes on the goal and I attained it1!!! You can too!

“The Lord remembers us and will bless us; he will bless the people of Israel adn all the priests of God. He will bless everyone who honors him, the great and the small alike.”Psalm 115 from the Good News Bible
Finally, after receiving my M.Ed. I realized that I could achieve success and that God loved me. I am finally reaching all my dreams and continue to set new goals daily in order to reach a life of self-actualization as set forth by Maslow.

Similarly, I have learned that “Everything is possible with God,” and that we must yield to His strength and He will give us far more than we could find ourselves.

Moreover, trusting God isn’t easy……however, with continued effort and persistence you get better at listening to Him instead of the world. It is hard to hear the “still, small, voice,” but it is there. Jesus is there for you my friend. He is waiting to set you free from fear. Put your hands into His today my friend. You will never look back again. 816932

God bless,

Secretsinger2 (which stands for my secret desire of singing for the Lord and my second chance at happiness as I trust God instead of myself.)

High grades on the GRE!!

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First you will need to make your list of words that you would like to be able to use in a versatile way.  It is imperative before you compare/contrast the words that you actually understand the precise meaning of each of the words. 

Therefore, put all your words into a cluster paragraph,   jUst list the words you would like to define in a row.  Such as:   ephemeral, analogou, nonplussed, misanthropy, self-effacement, edifice, prodigal, anomalous, deferential, assiduous, effusive, sycophant, engimatic, ironic, judiciou, officiou, circuitous, engenderedd, antagonist, artifice aggrandize, erudite, analogous, delineate, contempt, discomfited, bafflement, ephemeral, penury, transience, equivocate, yield, diffidence, chicanery, skullduggery, phlegmatic, haphazard, hone, broaden, pointed indignation, strong partisianship, detached, neutrality, spawn, indolence, impolite, nomadic, dogmatic, forgery, craven, inebrity, concessions, diplomacy, denounce, imperialistic, colonial, Confederacy, hegemony, treaties, disprove, barbarism, dissension, quantitative, venerate, editorial, equivocate, opulence, affluence, artifice, ubiquity, encumbent, arbitrary, disapprobation, indignant, disparage, banality, trite, effrontery, effrontery,

3 Singing Truth Tips a Day by Patrice Rasmussen Soprano and Education Leader M.Ed.

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Tip: 1 Singing Helpers.  Think of singing as if you were holding a platter in front of you.  The staccato notes you will sing in an ascending arpeggio will land on the platter which is outside in front of your singing mask!  The platters will align in front of you farther and farther  in front of you as you sing higher.  Remember think of the apple to keep your top jaw in front.

Truth Tip:  If you singing teacher does not practice singing each day then they do not sing well!

Singing Fact:  If your singing teacher doesn’t motivate you then don’t pay them each week.

Singing Tip:  Teach thyself! If your singing teacher doesn’t have a pleasant sound then either will you!!!! If your voice is prettier than your teacher’s then don’t expect them to help you.Help yourself by having a motivating singing coach with an excellent ear as you collaborate to coach you on to sing and sound bewtter and better each day.  Singing is essentially teaching yourself, however you do need good advice, sound pedagodgy and excellent ears!

How to Pass the GRE

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Lesson 1: Increase your vocabulary!!!!

arantee your success.  When I took the FELE and passed the first time; I used a study guide for two days and passed.

Similarly, I used study guides to pass the CLAST, the education tests and the music K-12 test.  Therefore, after passing the FELE I knew that these stuy guides were and are the key for your success.

Similarly, you need a personal success coach like myself to give you courage and motivation to keep on track for your personal success goals.  There are a lot of people in this world, even your friends and family who may actually pull you down and not hlep you achieve your goals.  Most of my life even my teachers have been jealous of me and try to tear you down.

My first most positive step.  If you have a teacher then they should be encouraging and motivating you.  If your teacher is blaming you and you are not able to produce the results then it is due to their lack of credentials.  My recent experience has been that people who are not qualified will pull you down and try to build their power.  They will actually “throw you under a bus” to get a head.  Guess what?  Get away from these people fast.  Even if they are famous or have great names if they are telling you that do not have what it takes then take it from me they are the ones that do not have what it takes.  A real leader who is worth their salt whould have enough confidence to build and empower you and strengthen you.  If they are telling you the business of singing is too difficult or they are saying: “there is too much disappointment or competition” then immedidately get away from them.

Like attracts like and you need to surround yourself with positive people.  If this means that you need to pay someone once a week $20 to give you enough courage to find your dreams isn’t this worth the price of finding a way for your life that will give you happiness. 

Why are you settling for poeple who put you down and lift themselves up?  Start looking around you.

Ask yourself the question…who radiates joy, confidence, happiness.   If you so-called ‘expert’ looks like they are lost or that they are enshrouded by a negative cloud then perhaps you should not believe them when they tell you what is wrong with you.

Try this:  1.  Get yourself a personal success coach who actually is successful and radiates that success by their words.

2.  Look closer at the energy.

3.  What do you feel.

Now step 1: Start with the Bible every day.  God is your source.  He is your way.  You actually don’t need anyone else but Him.  If your success coach is not pointing you towar perfection in Christ then leave them as they don’t have the mind of Christ.

“I call to God, the Most High, to God , who supplies my every need.  He will answer from heaven and save me; he will defeat my oppressors.

God will show me his constnat love and faithfulness. I am surrounded by enemies, who are like man-eating lions.  Their teeth are like spears and arrows; their tongues are like sharp swords.”Show your greatness in the sky, O God, and your glory over all the earth.  My enemiess have spread a net to catch me; I am overcome with distress.  They dug a pit in my path, but fell into it themselves.”

This last line of the Psalm pretty much tells all doesn’t it? 

Now read on:  “I have complted confidence, —-this means I will not doubt at all.  This also means don’t look at the obstacles or how far you have to climb up the mountain, but rather have faith in God and trust Him to get you where you nee to go.  Look not on the poeple but look to God.  He alone is your way and He alone will provide your way.  There is no obstacle or problem too big for God my friend.  Though these evil people may be jealous of you and try to pull you down it is because they are afraid of you. and your success.

I just graduated with my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from USF with a 4.0 average.  There was a time when the people who surrouded me tried to pull me down and I lost hope and didn’t believe.  Then I remembered that I was a child of God andd He lifted me up.  He put people in my path that helped me find my way.  You will know who these people are my friend because they do not wear the clothes of a wolf.  If you cannot tell whether someone is a Christian then maybe they are not!!!!

Perhaps, as in my experience you are dealing with a Pastor or the church.  Yes, it is disappointing but these people may also be very lost.  You need to look to the Lord.  I found a new church where the Father is Christian and you know He is a true voice for Jesus when he speaks words that draw others to behav e better and more like Chritians.  Why are you staying around a church that encourages negativity and gossip.  Did you know that some of these teachers actually teach your children and they don’t even like children.  Yes, it is true.  You need to look closer as this is your life and these are your children. 

My message is this:  There are a lot of professed Christians and teachers in schools who are not what they appear to be.  If their words are harsh then that is not of God.  If their words are negative then that also is not of God.  If their talk is always pulling others down and negative remarks then you know my friend that is not of God.

Psalm 57 encourages us as follows:  “Wake up, my soul! Wake up, my harp and lyre! I will wake up the sun.  I will thank you, O Lord, among the nations.  I will praise you amon the peoples.   Your constant love reaches the heavens; your faithfulness touches the skies. Psalm 57.

Today, friends there is a God who know your every need.  He can save you from the snare of the fowler and He can give you your greatest desires.  Look no farther as He is right where you are.  If you feel that you cannot overcome the obstacles in your life then ask Him to save you.  If you ask and believe with your heart you will be satisfied.

Search for Christ and you will find Him today!

Your friend,

Patrice Rasmussen, Soprano

B.Mus, Voice Performance


Your educational motivator and coach!!

My Visual Conceptual Model of Leadership for my Master’s in Educational Leadership

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Please work Dec. Visual conceptual model without links and video