GRE study Guide: Alphabet Book by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed.

The Letter D

Despair visits in many forms, however the worst is  a sensitive artistic soul mixed with an analytical intellect.  The innovative intellectual coupled with an artistic talent produces an antagonism from others that dilates and is often depicted as a demented derelict, however this derivative detraction desecrate  and despoil the despondent person.  Therefore, it is essential that the despairing soul dares to dream and uses all their determination to overcome the cerebral gifts demand the artistic demure and allow the intellect the time and diligence to disperse the disengage to allow the intellectual to reign almost as if to insist on a dichotomy of the mind while devise a plan to overcome and meet victory in the world.

Similarly, diffidence does not dilute the diffuse denizen that denigrate in derisive way.  Therefore, the intellectual needs to discount the discordant discourse and disapprobation and begin to disperse their discernible gifts.  Moreover, the dint and diligence of the intellect is the only resource to disengage the oppressor, however, the disingenuous disjointed detractor is not worth the time.

Finally, the disquietude dispels the dissonance and soon a ray of light shines through the cloud to disperse the darkness and demand attention for their intellectual achievements mixed with artistic brilliance.

In conclusion, the accuser is dissipated and dispersed across the land and is blown away by the wind never to see the face of God until their last dying days.

Aah, look in the distance…….”It is I and I have overcome the enemy!!!!!


~ by secretsinger2 on January 4, 2010.

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  1. This is myfavorite letter. I want to share it on Facebook.

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